Committee Members

Lauren hennessy

Lauren Hennessy


A junior developer and community evangelist, Lauren is a seasoned organiser of Ruby events both large and small. After a long while contributing to the community in her home town of Adelaide, she now resides in Melbourne and flounders around with code at Culture Amp. She’s passionate about fostering diversity and growth in the Ruby community and is excited to be leading the committee in those pursuits. In her spare time, Lauren likes to play boardgames and watch awkward sitcoms. She will love you forever if you bring her a coffee on a long day (or any day).

Tom ridge

Tom Ridge

Vice President

Tom is a developer, father of twins and dad joke connoisseur. He regularly speaks at BrisRuby and is passionate about mentoring. He works for tworedkites in Brisbane.

Jo cranford

Jo Cranford


Originally from the UK, Jo now works as a development lead at Culture Amp in Melbourne, and is helping to organise RubyConf AU 2017. She loves tea and can't understand why people complain about the weather here.

Anton katunin

Anton Katunin

General Member

Anton is an expert ruby developer and a big supporter of the Australian Ruby community. You often see him at MelbRuby, BrisRuby, HackNight, RailsCamp and CampJS. He's also co-hosted and ActionHack. He worked with a number of startups over the years and often presents his experience at the local Ruby meetups.

Toby nieboer

Toby Nieboer

General Member

Toby is a technical recruiter at Lookahead Search, a developer, gadget hoarder, mac & cheese enthusiast and dad.

Ana djordjevic

Ana Djordjevic

General Member

Ana has been a member of the tech community for a number of years. Her Rails journey started in 2013 at Rails Girls Brisbane. She moved to Melbourne in 2014 to work with Marketplacer. Ana is passionate about code, though somewhat of a pedant. She loves Ruby, and the community around it. Ana may be found at camps or meetups, or hiding at home with her cats.