Ruby Australia Committee Meeting Minutes

16th of September, 2015 - 7:00pm AEST

Held via GotoMeeting

Committee Members Present



  1. Welcome / Apologies / Agenda Amendments
  1. Previous minutes
  1. Matters arising from previous meeting:
  1. President’s report
  1. Treasurer’s report
  1. Review Main Activities

    1. Ruby Conference - Rob Jacoby
  + Ticket sales is fairly low at the moment with 10 sold. Should we have a snap
    sale? Not sure if we should do that or now.  Matt - do early bird pricing for
    a snap sale for 4 weeks.  Continue discussion outside of the meeting.
  + Have a budget setup, and Rob to talk to Lisa from Accountant on breakeven level
    will talk on friday during meeting.
  + John Barton - need to get the talks out there on who is doing what - Rob: yes
    but we haven't got the CFP finished, we have 66 talks currently. Maybe we could
    send some more emails out to push it forward.
  1. Event Knowledge Project Update - Leonard Garvey
  + Rob: Quickly asked him, unable to get to it next month.
  1. New People into the Community Project Update - Melissa Kaulfuss
  + Nothing major done, to happen this week
  + Talking to Lauren about RailsGirls adelaide.  Same with Perth webgirls,
    also just met with Rails Girls melbourne.
  + ZenDesk has asked if they can sponsor RailsGirls melbourne, will talk to
    them about RubyConf as well.
  + Want to create a model for RailsGirls events, perhaps $20-$25 per head
    Matt: we need a policy on this.  Mel: Have spoke to Lisa.  Possibly can
    do more - cap per event.
  + Mikel - We have booked Installfest Adelaide in December.
  + Mel + Mikel to work out a policy to come back on vote on.
  1. Ruby to the Business Project Update - John Barton
  + Not a massive amount of action to report, meeting with Liam on Monday.
  + Matt has forwarded on email from a dev manager trying to find devs.
  + Will work with Startup Victoria to do a survey on non technical founders,
    their concerns, how they got tech off the ground, how they feel about
    ruby in general. Deliver a written proposal for next month.
  1. General Business
  1. Next Meeting
  1. Targets for following month
  1. End of Meeting