Ruby AU September Meeting Agenda

Meeting starts 7:06pm.



Action items from last meeting

  1. Constitutional rewrite - Ryan to talk to Base Legal if Mel Sherrin has not contacted him. (Lauren / Ryan)
  2. Brisbane Rails Camp will be hosted by Two Red Kites.


  1. Kylie Gusset resigned (Len)
  2. Constitutional rewrite status update
  3. Brisbane Rails Camp status update (Tom)
  4. RMIT Ruby course
  5. Brisbane Rails Girls - Additional event sponsorship (Tom)
  6. Sponsors for smaller meetups, i.e Brisbane (Tom)


Kylie resigning

Constitution rewrite

Rails Camp status update

RMIT course

RailsGirls sponsorship

Per-meetup (Brisbane) sponsorship discussion

Membership fee for Ruby Australia

Action items

  1. Ryan to contact Base Legal regarding rewriting the Constitution.
  2. Tom to talk to Jo regarding funding for RailsGirls sponsorship.
  3. Andre and Jo to discuss Slack / other company sponsorship.

Meeting ends 7:47pm.