Ruby Australia Special General Meeting Minutes

13th of December, 2015 - 3:45pm

Held at Rails Camp 18 - Camp Cottermouth, Canberra

Committee Members Present


Ruby Australia Members Present


Motion to accept previous meeting's minutes

Committee's Reports

Review Main Activities

Discussion and motion to alter GMs to be held online for inclusivity

Motion to alter Ruby AU membership through Rails Camp attendance, for inclusivity

Motion to make Ruby AU Slack channel open to all.

Discussion to help grow the Elixir community

Event Report - Rails Camp 18

Event Report - Rails Camp 19 (?? 2016)

Committee Election - President (outgoing - Sebastian von Conrad)

Committee Election - Secretary (outgoing - Mikel Lindsaar)

Committee Election - Treasurer (outgoing - Matt Allen)

Committee Election - General Member (outgoing - John Barton and Len Garvey)

General Business