Ruby Australia General Meeting minutes

11th of December, 2016 - 2:11pm

Held at Rails Camp 20 - Koonjewarre, Springbrook, QLD

Committee Members Present


Ruby Australia Members Present


Purpose of Ruby Australia

Motion to accept minutes

Presidents Report - Len Garvey

Treasurers report - Jo Cranford

Constitution - Lauren Hennesey

Committee member stacking - Jo Cranford

New website and membership db - Edward Tippet

Member communication

Along with the member database, we are aiming to become more communicative with our members, regarding the activities that the committee is undertaking. We will be posting major changes onto the website and then linking to that through emails and the rails-oceania Google Group. If you have any particular concerns about spam or communication, please direct them to a member of the committee. One thing we are aiming to make much more clear is that Railscamp and Ruby Conf AU attendees are automatically Ruby Australia members. If you do not attend either event, then you can choose to sign up on the Ruby Australia website.

Membership gains you voting rights within the Ruby Australia meetings, and it is possible to vote by proxy.

Concerns about code of conduct - Kylie Gusset

Concerns about usage of alcohol at previous camps - Kylie Gusset

Kylie's resignation - Kylie Gusset

Len/Lauren, I'm writing to inform you that I'm resigning from the Ruby Australia Committee. It's necessary for me to resign, as I have been terminated from the Rails Girls Summer Of Code Scholarship due to breaches of their Code Of Conduct. As a result, I don't believe that it's possible or ethical for me to enforce the Ruby Australia Code whilst breaching another.

There also needs to be trust within the committee, and I feel that I've lost that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that I've caused, and will do what I can to make the transition to another member as smooth as possible. If you need any further information, feel free to contact me. Appreciated if you could confirm receipt of my resignation.

Events reports

Ruby Conf AU 2017 - Jo Cranford

Rails Camp 19 - Lauren Hennesey

Rails Camp 20 - Tom Ridge

Rails Camp 21 - Sebastian Von Conrad



Vice President for 6 months


2 Full term, 2 half term members

Full Member nominations

Two half term positions

General Business