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Photo of Pat Allan
Pat Allan

Pat is a gelato connoisseur, pancake master, and occasional events organiser (including RubyConf AU, Rails Camps, and Trampoline). Mostly, though, he is a contracting Ruby developer based in Melbourne, and most recently has led the development efforts at Limbr, a social enterprise focused on mental health.

Photo of Kieran Andrews
Kieran Andrews
Vice President

Kieran is a passionate Ruby Developer from Adelaide after discovering it 2011.

In his spare time Kieran enjoys making home-made pizza, playing board games and snowboarding around the world.

Photo of Aaron Moodie
Aaron Moodie
General Member

Designer who codes. Passionate about music, cleantech and the open web.

Photo of Mark Glossop
Mark Glossop
General Member

Mark is a former-sysadmin-turned-developer with a lifelong interest in tech, science and maths. He started his Ruby journey in 2008 with Rails. These days, he uses Ruby and a handful of other languages - but Ruby is his staple language, because of both the language itself and the community around it. He is also keen to help the tech industry be a better and more inclusive place, particularly for people with disabilities.

Outside of tech, he watches more TV than is probably healthy, manages to be a halfway-decent home cook, and is keen to do more travelling.

Also Perth Ruby Meetup co-organizer.

Photo of Mathew Button
Mathew Button
General Member

Mat is a Ruby Developer based in Sydney. When he's not trying to remember the Rails Migration syntax, you can find him encouraging his plants to grow, playing ultimate frisbee or co-organizing @rorosyd

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