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Photo of Pat Allan
Pat Allan

Pat is a gelato connoisseur, pancake master, and occasional events organiser (including RubyConf AU, Rails Camps, and Trampoline). Mostly, though, he is a contracting Ruby developer based in Melbourne, and most recently has led the development efforts at Limbr, a social enterprise focused on mental health.

Photo of Caroline Bambrick
Caroline Bambrick
Vice President

Caroline left academia for a career in tech in 2017 and is currently a Software Engineer at Culture Amp. Outside of work you'll most likely find her playing boardgames, losing her voice in a karaoke booth, or visiting refugees in detention.

Photo of Matt Stevenson
Matt Stevenson
General Member

Longtime tech enthusiast - and armed with an emoji for every occasion. With a love of expressive language he naturally fell for Ruby. When away from the modern he can be found enjoying the traditional; small-batch coffee ☕ rear-wheel drive 🏎️ and longbow archery 🏹.

Photo of Sonya Corcoran
Sonya Corcoran
General Member

Laughing, learning, coding and growing these are a few of my favourite things. Aaaaaand...working as a Technical Recruiter at Lookahead Search.

Photo of Kieran Andrews
Kieran Andrews
General Member

Kieran is a passionate Ruby Developer from Adelaide after discovering it 2011.

In his spare time Kieran enjoys making home-made pizza, playing board games and snowboarding around the world.

Photo of Cameo Langford
Cameo Langford
General Member

Cameo is a Junior Developer at MYOB. She moved into a career in technology in early 2018 after six years of running dog sled tours and working in retail. When she's not coding you'll find her playing boardgames or entering sled dog races with her two Siberian Huskies.

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