Committee Members

Toby nieboer

Toby Nieboer


Toby was a developer and dev manager for nine years before moving into recruitment. These days he hires software engineers for Automattic, and is also the co-organiser of the Melbourne Ruby meetup. In his spare time he is a gadget hoarder, mac & cheese enthusiast and dad.

Caitlin palmer bright

Caitlin Palmer-Bright

Vice President

After a few years as a park ranger and then a few more as a high school teacher, Caitlin has now made the transition into tech. She is currently an intern with Two Red Kites in Brisbane and recently started the Brisbane Tech Newbies meet up group. When she’s not coding you will probably find her watching videos of puppies on youtube and eating as many snacks as she can find.

Nick wolf

Nick Wolf


Nick is a Melbourne Junior Ruby Dev who is passionate about Community Media and how technology is changing what it is to be human. He formerly hosted "The Year in Geek", a radio show interviewing 24 Geeks over a marathon 24 hours on topics ranging from Anime, Behavioural Economics and Formula One.

Lachlan hardy

Lachlan Hardy

General Member

Lachlan went to Sydney’s first Ruby on Rails meet up in 2006 and has been an active member of the Australian Ruby community ever since. He has been an engineering manager, a Rubyist, an ecosystem strategist, a startup mentor, a full-time JavaScripter, an IPTV developer, a front-end developer, and a web standards professional. Now he works at Blackmill, a consultancy focused on helping technology organisations improve their software engineering practices.

Sharon vaughan

Sharon Vaughan

General Member

Late last millenium Sharon completed a computer degree because her mum, in the mid-80s, said, “There is a future in computers.” Mum may have been right but Sharon went for a wander through academia and the arts ending up as a Film Projectionist. When Sharon was replaced by a digital projector, she took irony firmly in hand and decided, in June 2016, to become a Developer. Sharon now works at Envato.

Matt stevenson

Matt Stevenson

General Member

Longtime tech enthusiast - and armed with an emoji for every occasion - Matt is a developer at Two Red Kites. With a love of expressive language he naturally fell for Ruby. When away from the modern he can be found enjoying the traditional; small-batch coffee ☕ rear-wheel drive 🏎️ and longbow archery 🏹.