Committee Members

Pat allan new

Pat Allan


Pat is a gelato connoisseur, pancake master, and occasional events organiser (including RubyConf AU, Rails Camps, and Trampoline). Mostly, though, he is a contracting Ruby developer based in Melbourne, and most recently has led the development efforts at Limbr, a social enterprise focused on mental health.

Caitlin palmer bright

Caitlin Palmer-Bright

Vice President

After a few years as a park ranger and then a few more as a high school teacher, Caitlin has now made the transition into tech. She is currently an intern with Two Red Kites in Brisbane and recently started the Brisbane Tech Newbies meet up group. When she’s not coding you will probably find her watching videos of puppies on youtube and eating as many snacks as she can find.

Sharon vaughan

Sharon Vaughan

General Member

Late last millenium Sharon completed a computer degree because her mum, in the mid-80s, said, “There is a future in computers.” Mum may have been right but Sharon went for a wander through academia and the arts ending up as a Film Projectionist. When Sharon was replaced by a digital projector, she took irony firmly in hand and decided, in June 2016, to become a Developer. Sharon now works at Envato.

Matt stevenson

Matt Stevenson

General Member

Longtime tech enthusiast - and armed with an emoji for every occasion - Matt is a developer at Two Red Kites. With a love of expressive language he naturally fell for Ruby. When away from the modern he can be found enjoying the traditional; small-batch coffee ☕ rear-wheel drive 🏎️ and longbow archery 🏹.

Sonya corcoran

Sonya Corcoran

General Member

Laughing, learning, coding and growing these are a few of my favourite things. Aaaaaand...working as a Technical Recruiter @LookaheadSearch